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Eyeshadow For Different Eye Colours

When it comes to eyeshadow colours I always get asked… ‘what colour best suits my eyes?’  ‘How can I make my eyes stand out more?’

Well no need to wonder anymore, I have all the answers for you below.

I chose to stick with one brand of eyeshadow and I chose NYX… reason being these shadows are only 4.50$, they have pigmented, easy on your wallet and lot’s of shade to choose from.

Blue Eyes

Purple– Purple shades help accentuate your blue eyes, it’s still on the cooler side but it will help make your baby blues stand out.


Ultra Violet – NYX
‘Matte Dark Violet’

Coppers, Bronze & Browns– Warm colours like these bring out the blue.  Warmer tones pull out the cooler tones.


Show Girl – NYX
‘Shimmery Copper’

Orange– Now don’t start running away, orange is opposite of the blue on the colour wheel which creates a strong contrast… Personally I like burnt orange.


Lol – NYX
‘Matte Dark Orange’

Brown Eyes

Purple– Purple is a contrasting colour on the colour wheel… pretty much works with every eye colour.


Kama Sutra – NYX
‘Shimmery Violet’

Blue– Blue eyeshadow will cool down the warm tone and make your brown eyes stand out.


Kandi – NYX
‘Sky Blue With Silver Shimmer’

Orange– The right yellow or orange will help you make your eyes look gentle and soft by bringing the yellow out from your beautiful brown eyes.


Dolce – NYX
‘Shimmery Light Orange’

Silver– Silver works pretty much the same as the blue. Silver is a cool tone and will contrast nicely against your eyes.


Bling – NYX
‘Shimmery Silver’

Green Eyes

ANY Purple– Like I mentioned before purple tends to look great on every eye colour. Why any purple looks GREAT on green eyes is because, red complements the green so any eyeshadow with a red undertone will make those green eyes stand out.


Arrogance – NYX
‘Shimmery Smoked Violet’

Warm Tones & Mocha Browns– If you want your eyes to stand out YET look natural go with these colours as they will help you achieve your look.


Happy Hour – NYX
‘Matte Medium Brown’

Gold– Gold just looks amazing on every eye colour. The gold bring out the yellow from the green eyes.


Hypnotized- NYX
‘Metallic Copper Gold’

Hazel Eyes

You can wear any colour that brown eyes and green eyes wear, as your eyes are a mix of both. Just make sure to see what undertone pops out more from your eyes and pick that colour!

Heres a little tip for picking out your next eyeshadow colour.

Go up to a mirror and look at what your undertone colour is … Yellow, Green.. Etc., than look at the colour wheel and pick the opposite colour if you want to insure your eyes pop and if you want natural eyes than stick to the neutral browns.
Another Tip!
 If you want to ensure your eyeshadow stays on all day, make sure to apply NYX eyeshadow primer before applying your eyeshadow.

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