red lipstick

Long Lasting Red Lips

Here is a tip on how to make your red lips last all night!

This is simple, and I’m sure you’ve seen this trick before but here is the step by step to long lasting red lips.

Step 1:

Liner. Take a lipliner and outline your lips – Then take the lipliner and colour in the rest of your lips.

Step 2:

Fill In. Then apply your lipstick

Step 3:

Set It. Take a tissue and blot out the excess. Then take a tissue or toilet paper and pull it apart so that you have a 1 ply sheet. Put the 1 ply on your lips and take some translucent powder and pat it on top of your lips with a fluffy brush.

It should look something like this …

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What happens is the powder goes through the tissue and ‘mattify’ the lips. A lot of you don’t know this but the reason why the lipstick doesn’t last that long is – because of all that moisturiser on your lips which tends to make the lipstick slide off.

You can do this with any lipstick colour but red tends to be the one that a lot of people always wonder about.