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My Foundation Routine – For A Flawless Face

I like to change up my foundation routine, but this routine is one that I always come back to. It take me about 10-20 minutes to complete this routine, and it’s only 10 Steps.

Here is the 10 step process of what I do.

Step 1: I wash my face and moisturise.

Step 2: After I moisturise I wait until my face is dry, than I apply my NYX Pore Filler Primer.

I pretty much use any primer I have and I just finished my Porefessional by Benefit and I found this NYX one for 14.00$. It is the same colour as the Benefit one… so far it’s OKAY.


Step 3: After applying the primer I wait for it to dry before going in with my foundation. After my face is dry from the primer I take my Beauty Blender and my Stila – Stay All Day foundation in Bare 1 and start by applying a thin layer to my face and build the coverage up from there.

Usually I do 2 layers and it covers pretty much everything.


Step 4: After I got the coverage I want from the Stila – Stay All Day, I go in with my M.A.C Prolong Concealer and cover my under eye circles and anywhere I want to highlight.

Areas like my forehead, down my nose and my chin.

The shade I wear is NC15 (Yes I know… I am pale)


Step 5: After that is all over with, I go in with my powers to set everything in place, making sure my make-up stays on all day and has a matte finish. I like to start with powdering under my eyes, as they like to crease very fast. I use my Rice Powder by Palladio.

I get mine from Sally Beauty, you can click here if you would like to try it out. I always grab the translucent as I want to keep my under eyes bright.


Step 6: Now it’s time to set the whole face! I use Fit Me press powder by Maybelline, in 110… Ones again I know I am pale.

If I want to add colour I can always go in with bronzer and fix that … it’s easier to go darker than going lighter… I recommend grabbing a shade lighter as your foundation has colour and adding a coloured powder to set your make up will make you darker.


Step 7: Now that my foundation is on and is set I always like to give back a little life to my pale face by adding colour. By doing that I add bronzer… I usually use Hola by Benefits, but recently I went back to using Bahama Mama by The Balm.

This bronzer is matte and prefect for everyone… at least I think so. I always recommend eitherBahama Mama or Hola to all my friends who want the perfect matte bronzer.

When applying this bronzer I like to apply it as the ‘3’ … so that means starting from my temples than bringing it down to just under the apples of my cheeks and bringing it down my jaw line… just move your brush in the motion of the ‘3’ on the side of your face.

Also don’t forget to contour your nose and cheeks.


Step 8: Another way I like to add a little colour to my face is by adding blush. I used to wear Annabelle in 44 because it was a light pink, but recently it hasn’t been going on the way I want it to … maybe it’s because I have had the same blush for a few years now… my favourite if you can’t tell…

I recently found this Cookies & Cream by Essence in 01 Cakepop, it’s such a pretty apricot colour that is very pigmented! I mean it! A little goes a long way… I barely let my brush touch the blush. This blush well last me years if I keep this pace up.

All products from Essence are so affordable that it’s a must to give this brand a try! … no joke their mascaras are great and they are about 3.99$


Step 9: Now it’s time to make my face look a little prettier. Since 90% of my products I use are all matte I like to add some shine to the apples of my cheeks by adding the M.A.C Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle.

I only use a little bit, which is plenty. It still looks like I haven’t even touch it … So for the price of 37.00$ plus tax it’s a must buy because it will last you a lifetime… well until it expires.


Step 10: Now on to the last step before I start doing my eyes, Now this step is to REALLY set my whole face, and by doing this I use myUrban Decay Makeup Setting Spray ‘Long-Lasting’.

Now it is said to spray this 8″-10″ away from your face and spray in a T or the X formation… I just spray starting from one side of my to the other is a ‘All Over My Face’ formation. (Which means I just spray away)

I have the 30 ML bottle (which is the smaller bottle) only because it is perfect to just throw in my purse and make-up bag without the hassle of it being to big.


And now it’s time to do my eye’s and that’s a whole different store since I do my eyes differently everyday.
But this is my everyday 10 Steps to getting a flawless face foundation routine!