Tame Those Eyebrows!

2 Steps To Keeping Your Eyebrows In Place.

Did you run out of your eyebrow gel? Need to tame those eyebrows? I have a trick that will help you with that!

Step 1:

Grab a clean mascara wand.
Better to buy a cheap mascara wand, or you can clean your old wand.
If you use a wand from an old mascara, make sure there is no mascara left on it!

You DO NOT want black eyebrows!


Step 2:

Grab your hair spray, and spray it on the wand. Lightly brush through your eyebrows.

NOTE: I noticed that hairspray that is level 2 or 3 of strength works better. Try to avoid level 4 and 5, the stronger the levels the stiffer the eyebrows.


My best friend  told me this trick and I haven’t used an eyebrow gel since.