tanning oops

Tanning Oops!

If you self tan you know this is a problem sometimes… Tanning streaks 
No matter if you are a pro or a beginner there will be days where your self tanner just doesn’t listen.
There are many reason to why you end up with a Tanning Oops

* New Formula
* The Way You Applied It
* You Didn’t Exfoliate
* Your Skin Being Dry Or Still Damp
* Not Your Day

and so on … The list can go on…

But I am here with a tip that ALWAYS works for me!
There are so many other ways you can do this but I just stick to just this one.


YUP!  Baking Soda
It’s cheap, it can be found anywhere at anytime and it works!

All you have to do is:

* Wet Your Hands
* Pour Some In Your Hand *1/2 Tbsp*
* Rub Your Hands Together
* Rinse
* Repeat

Keep repeating the process until it is all gone… you can do this on any part of your body but keep away from your eyes and do not ingest.

Baking Soda acts like a scrub due to its very fine grainy texture, and that’s how it fixes your Tanning Oops.


So don’t get caught looking like Lindsay Lohan