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D.I.Y Fixing Broken Makeup

Did your eyeshadow, bronzer or blush break? Don't Throw it out ... FIX IT! What you will need: Broken shadow/blush or bronzer Coin the size of the shadow pot or just smaller. Spray bottle Tissue Rubbing Alcohol Pen or Pencil Step 1: If there are big pieces - make sure to break them up into...

Best Lip Colour For Your Complexion

Find the best lip colour for your complexion with this tip. I have given M.A.C lipstick examples for each colour to help you choose easier. Fair Blue Red - M.A.C Russian Red Light Pink - M.A.C Creme Cup Light Peach - M.A.C Pure Zen Medium Blood Red - M.A.C Paramount Pink - M.A.C Snob Peach - M.A.C Ravishing...

D.I.Y Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a life saver for those of us that can't find the time to wash our hair every other day. Dry shampoo is great, however it can run out very quickly and end up costing us a lot. So here is a D.I.Y for creating your own dry shampoo. This D.I.Y should take...

How To Clean False Eyelashes

Save money on lashes by reusing them. But make sure you clean them so they can always look brand new. Check out my 'How To Clean False Eyelashes' tutorial on YouTube. Products Used: -LASHES (ARDELL - WISPIES) -BABY WIPES (You can use makeup wipes) -EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (You can use Coconut Oil) -TWEEZERS *OPTIONAL* ...
red lipstick

Long Lasting Red Lips

Here is a tip on how to make your red lips last all night! This is simple, and I'm sure you've seen this trick before but here is the step by step to long lasting red lips. Step 1: Liner. Take a lipliner and outline your lips - Then take the lipliner and colour in...

The Magic Of Coconut Oil

7 Ways To Use Coconut Oil There is over 100 ways you can use natural coconut oil in your daily life. However, I'll share with you 7 beauty ways Coconut Oil will help you. 1. Makeup Remover Coconut oil is great for removing makeup. Grab some on your fingers and gently rub it on your eyes...
GTLFL part 2

Get The Look For Less – Part 2

Part 2 of dupes. Not all of these are identical dupes but these will help you recreate the look for less! Brule French Vanilla All That Glitters Milk Espresso Brown Smolder Mulch Swiss Chocolate Carbon Shimmering Onyx M.A.C $16.00 USD $19.00 CAD $33.00 AUD Covergirl $3.24 USD $3.96 CAD $13.95 AUD Covergirl Australia doesn't sell individual enhancer...