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What & How To Tightline

What is tightlining? Tightlining is an eyeliner trick that gives you the affect of fuller lashes. A great trick to do when you going for the no makeup makeup. How to tightline? Pull back your eyelid to expose the lash line. Using a pencil/liquid or gel eyeliner and fill in gaps between your lashes. If you…


What Do Different Colour Concealers Do?

Ever wonder what the colour correcting concealers do? Beige Beige is your typical concealer. It's a must have in your makeup bag! Pink Pink correcting concealer brightens up any dull area. Yellow Yellow neutralises purple. Example: Bruises and for purple-blue under eye circles. Lavender Lavender neutralises yellow. Example: Yellow bruising and yellow under eye. Green...
colour tone


How To Find Out If You Are Warm, Neutral Or Cool Blue Veins COOL TONE Green & Blue Veins NEUTRAL TONE Green Veins WARM TONE What's Next ? To pick the right foundation you need to know what your undertone is. If you have a cool undertone your foundation will be Neutral/Pink based (Look for...


Here are a few things you can do to clean up/prevent eyeshadow fallout on your face. Option 1: Do your eye makeup first, then apply foundation and concealer. That way you can wipe away the fallout without wiping off the rest of your makeup. Option 2: Use Shadow Shields. This way you just gently peel...
eyelash curler

Heat Your Curler

QUICK TIP Are you having a hard time curling your lashes? Try heating your eyelash curler with a blow dry for 5 seconds. This will work the same as curling your hair. Just make sure to not heat the curler for more than 5 seconds - you don't want to burn your lashes off.
bright eyes

White VS Black Waterline

Quick Tip Here is the difference between applying white eyeliner to your waterline and applying black eyeliner. White Eyeliner White Eyeliner makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter. It makes your eyes appear wide awake. Image NOT mine. Found on Google.com images Black Eyeliner Black Eyeliner makes your eyes appear smaller and darker. Perfect for...
Car mirror

Take Another Look

QUICK TIP Lighting can be our best-friend or our worse enemy. There are so many different lights available and they all make us look different. After you are done your make-up take another look in a different light to make sure your make-up is perfect. Keep a compact mirror with you everywhere you go. Before...

Reducing Acne

Here are a few things you can do to help reduce acne. Tip 1: Wash your pillow sheets as much as you can - at least once a week - try washing them every time you do your other laundry. Tip 2: Figure out what skin type you have - Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive or Combination. Tip...