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Sedona Lace

Sedona Lace brushes have to be one of my favourite brushes that I have ever tried. You've probably heard a lot about them via social media, so why not try some brushes out! Make sure you check out their website, as they offer more then just brushes! When you purchase any of the Sedona Lace brushes,...

Skinny Me Tea

Skinny Me Tea is a great Detox Tea. It helps reduce bloating and detoxes your body from any toxins that you intake on an everyday bases. Click Here to read my review on it! Make sure you check out their website, as they offer a lot of different stuff! Make sure you use the Discount Code: olga10...

Floatables Australia

Floatables Australia is a company that sells floating sunglasses. Perfect for life on the water. Don't loose another pair of sunglasses in the water again! I love these sunglasses and I wear mine all the time! Check them out! When you make a purchase of Floatable Australia sunglasses make sure to use the Discount Code...

Stay Lean Tea

Stay Lean Tea is an Australian natural detox tea company. Need help getting into shape for summer? Or getting back into shape after Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners? Click Here to read my review on this Detox Tea. Want to find out more information on this Detox Tea? Check out their website - Click Here! Make sure...