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The Franko’s – Trailer!

Hey Guys! Recording our history for the years to come. Tyler & Olga (The Franko's) in Australia are proud to announce the release of Venture Vlog episodes. Hope you guys enjoy this and subscribe :) Blog - www.olgatori.com Follow us on: Twitter: @OlgaToriXO Instagram: @olgiibear Instagram: @TyTyFranko Snapchat: Olgiibear Snapchat: FriendUpMusic Website: www.olgatori.com Business Inquiries...
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Day 1 Vlog-cember – Tyler lost his Vloginity

Happy Vlogcember! Here is our attempt at Vlogcember ... I'm kinda nervous, not sure if we will be able to vlog everyday! ECK! Going to try our best though! Day 1 is all Tyler and his work since I work Monday - Friday at the office and can't vlog there. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS COMMENT WITH WHAT...
Byron Bay

Mate, Thats enough!

Hey guys! I know I have not posted in a few weeks now… I’ve been working and trying to catch up on everything else that I figured you guys might not be interested in watching a vlog on all that boring stuff … This vlog is of us going to Byron Bay for my friends...

Bungee Trampoline

Hey guys! It was a fun weekend but I only got to vlog Saturday for you guys! Tyler and I picked up my friend and went to the markets. We bought a few things but one of the best thing I bought was the pants that I am never taking off! They are so comfy!...
Party Bus


This Easter weekend, we went out and helped promote our friends new Party Bus - www.bustourrhymes.com.au. If your in Brisbane or Gold Coast area … check out bustourrhymes.com.au for your safe and fun ride to and from the party! Check out their Facebook Page for more information and 10 % off. https://www.facebook.com/bustourrhyme... MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE...