Clarisonic Mia

Things You Need To Know

– Clarisonic Mia is 145$
-Clarisonic Mia has only 1 speed and it turns off by itself after 60 seconds
-It works GREAT to remove make up and is recommended to use twice daily
-You must replace you brush every 3 months for better results -Single brush heads cost around 27$ and a pack of 4 costs 75$
-Your face-wash must not be a scrub but just a gel or it will ruin the brush
-Your face-wash is what helps with your acne, the Clarisonic just helps to make sure your face is cleaned properly
-It doesn’t need to be charged all the time, it can handle 30 minutes of use before it needs to be charged again

*There is also a Clarisonic Mia 2 – has 2 speeds and it’s 180$CAD*


I use Spectro Gel cleanser with my Clarisonic and it works pretty well. I also use Lush products that have helped me with my acne and scars.

                      Personally I love the Clarisonic, I love how it makes my face feel really clean.

Note: I use makeup removers or baby whips to remove most of my makeup than I go in with a Clarisonic and Spectro Gel to make sure it cleans all of my makeup… and after that I go in with myLush products.

Using the Clarisonic in the morning is a great way to help you wake up.

Click here to find out more about the Clarisonic’s available and how they work.

You can purchase Clarisonic’s from Sephora and your local *Big* Drug Marts

SO… The big question… Does it help get rid of acne?
*If your cleanser helps, Clarisonic will help it work better.*
*Remember your cleanser goes into your pores and cleans them out… The Clarisonic helps to make sure all the bacteria, oils and makeup is removed.*

So really it’s up to you and your cleanser … But if you have the money make sure to get yourself the Clarisonic.
It’s worth the money.