Lush Grease Lighting1

Lush- Grease Lightning

Grease Lightning by Lush is a must buy for those who are battling acne.

This is a great tea-tree gel to put on before heading for bed, and even under your primer.

I’ve gone through 3 bottles now, they last for about 6 months depending on how much you apply.

Heres are some natural ingredients you will find in this gel:

-Tea Tree
-Lavender Oil
-Which Hazel Extract
-Aloe Vera
The Seaweed and Aloe Vera are used to make the gel.

How does this work?

Thyme, Tea Tree and Rosemary clean out your pores where the dirt lays, while the Aloe Vera soothes and calms the irritated skin.

This gel leaves your skin feeling tight and matte looking.

Pump out a little bit of the gel on you clean fingers and apply on your blemishes or all over your face, leave to dry and go to bed than in the morning wash it off… OR leave to dry and use it under your make up.

Everything that Lush makes is hand made and they use natural ingredients, so before you buy a product know if you are allergic to anything first.

This gel works great to control oily skin!

For 13.95$ plus tax, I think this is worth a try!

Get your hand on one of these magical bottles at any Lush stores or online by clicking here, and while you are at the store make sure you grab a charity pot to help those in need!


 Don’t forget that Lush products are Vegan and are fighting animal testing!