Meiskin Karamel Kreme Self Tanner

I love being tanned… its makes my body look toner and makes me feel more confident.
I can’t stand laying in the sun and tanning so of course I use self tanner.
And… since I use self tanners I have obviously tried many to find the right one.

And this is where Karamel Kreme by Meiskin came in.

This self tanner is definitely one of my favourites.


This product is like a cream – The bottle has a pump so it is really easy to get the product out. The self tanner has Natural Caramel and Shea Butter in it – which keeps your body smooth & moisturized.


To me this tanner smell like Nutella on toast… I have no idea why because others say it doesn’t even have much of smell to it – But every time I put it on all I can think about is Nutella on toast … and I do not hate that one bit.

How To Apply

It is really easy to apply this product. Start with one pump and put that on your tanning mitt and just rub it into your skin like you would with any other tanner. It is really easy to blend and spread the product.
You will see the colour of the tan instantly.
Leave it on for a few hours… I usually go to sleep and wash it off the next morning but you can leave it on for 3 – 6 hours and wash it off then. The longer you wait the nicer the colour will be. You can build this tan by applying more coats – but usually 1 to maximum 2 coats is all I do.





I love this product because:
It is so easy to apply
Lasts just about over a week
Easy to blend
Perfect for beginners
Quick to apply
The price


$19.00 – 125ml AUD
$26.00 – 250ml AUD
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Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. I was not paid, these are my thought and my own review.