O.P.I – Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey the movie comes out on Valentines day weekend.
If you haven’t read the book, well then you are in for a treat if your planning on watching this movie.

This book is one of the greatest ‘publishing sensations of all time’. This book has sold over 100 MILLION copies – so image how much the movie will make when its out in theatres.

Since this book & movie is such a big deal right now – O.P.I has created 6 new nail lacquers inspired by the movie.

I had the pleasure to receive 3 of the nail polishes from this collection and I LOVE them!

O.P.I made a mini pack which includes all 6 nail lacquer – and of course you can get full size individuals.

This mini pack retails for $29.95 AUD

The 3 Lacquers that I own are…


Shine For Me

This Glittery Lacquer has VERY fine silver glitters and small blue glitters.

To cover your entire nail with these glitters, you will need to apply about 3-4 coats of it.

The price of this lacquer is $19.95 AUD.

Dark Side Of The Mood

This lacquer is a very nice deep navy grey. In this photo this lacquer looks a little bit lighter then in real life.

Those are not shadows you see – this lacquer has a marble look to it – it’s mixed in with a different colour.

You will need to apply about 3-4 coats of this one. Which I personally did not like.

The price of this lacquer is $19.95 AUD.


Cement The Deal

This one has to be one of my favourite from this collection.

It is such a nice cool grey colour. This lacquer is also mixed in with a different colour making it look like marble.

I only needed to apply 2 coats of this one.

The price of this lacquer is $19.95 AUD.

The other 3 from this collection are…


Romantically  Involved

This shade is a beautiful red. Ones it’s applied you can see that it has a slight hint of orange.
This colour is a sophisticated red – it’s not too bright for work.

O.P.I described it as a ‘luscious créme red’.

The price of this lacquer is $19.95 AUD.

My Silk Tie

This lacquer is the silver one of the collection.

Maybe I don’t know how to tell colour but I swear that this polish has a slightly gold tint to it.

This is a really pretty colour – HOWEVER – I have seen others apply it and you can see thebrush strokes. For some of us we don’t really care about it but for the nail polish lovers this may bother some of you.

The price of this lacquer is $19.95 AUD.

Embrace The Grey

This lacquer is identical to Cement The Deal when it comes to application and finish product.
This is why this is the my second favourite lacquer from this collection.

When it comes to colour obviously this one is a darker grey.

The price of this Lacquer is $19.95 AUD


For my Australian friends – These Lacquers are available at selected Myer, David Jones and  and selected salons nationally.
For my North American friends – These Lacquers are available at Ulta, Amazon, selected salons and stores.

P.S There are cheaper options on Ebay.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. I was not paid, these are my thought and my own review.