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Airport Freakout

You will not believe what Tyler surprised me with... After 2 in half years of living in Australia I have not been back home to Canada to see my family, nor has my family come to visit me. That is until now! Well December... This post is about 6 month late... I got busy sorry!...
Byron Bay

Mate, Thats enough!

Hey guys! I know I have not posted in a few weeks now… I’ve been working and trying to catch up on everything else that I figured you guys might not be interested in watching a vlog on all that boring stuff … This vlog is of us going to Byron Bay for my friends...

Bungee Trampoline

Hey guys! It was a fun weekend but I only got to vlog Saturday for you guys! Tyler and I picked up my friend and went to the markets. We bought a few things but one of the best thing I bought was the pants that I am never taking off! They are so comfy!...
Party Bus


This Easter weekend, we went out and helped promote our friends new Party Bus - www.bustourrhymes.com.au. If your in Brisbane or Gold Coast area … check out bustourrhymes.com.au for your safe and fun ride to and from the party! Check out their Facebook Page for more information and 10 % off. https://www.facebook.com/bustourrhyme... MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE...